Goats, Goats, Goats

We stay very busy at Rush Lake year round raising kid goats and much more. Our nanny goats not only raise there kids but also bum calves and last year we tried orphaned lambs.  Our goats not only are milk goats but also meat goats. To thin the herd in the summer, some are farmed out to goat tyers for practice purposes and retrieved in the fall to sell. July is 14 and enjoys helping out with all goat projects except trying to keep them contained. No one enjoys this.

If  interested in goat milk or meat please contact us at 605-279-2306 or kammerersrushlake@gmail.com subject goat products.  The goat  meat will sell by hanging weight at the present going rate.  There may be a kill fee depending on the processing of chose.

Our Feathered Friends

Part of our pest patrol include Domestic Peking Ducks, Muscovy Ducks, Chickens and new this year Bourbon Red Turkeys.  Many wild fowl join them each spring particularly the Greater Canadian Geese. They flock back to Rush Lake each year and entertain us with there mating rituals. My father helped bring them back to this area in the 60's. We live in what was called the goose pasture. 

Could not have a farm of course without fresh eggs, both chicken and duck.  We are looking for some female Muscovy Ducks.   If someone sees this and has some leads please email or call.  kammerersrushlake@gmail.com (605)279-2306 subject ducks.

Be sure and order your Thanksgiving Turkey early.  These will be Free Range-Grain Fed at will, Bourbon Red Turkeys selling for $3.50/lb.  There will be a limited amount so please call soon.