When you pick it, you know it's fresh!

One of our goals here at Rush Lake has been to have a Pick-Your-Own-Garden.  This way people who do not have time or space to put in their own garden can enjoy fresh, home grown produce and a trip to the country as well.   We pride in planting a wide variety of heirloom vegetables which gives us a chance to save seeds as well as preserve our heritage.  The barnyard provides us with plenty of fertilizer and we like to use straw and cedar chips for weed  control.

Rush Lake is very proud to have several other gardeners help out when disaster strikes such as drought, grasshoppers, or the occasional hail storm.  In some cases crops produce better in other locations such as melons and sweet corn.  Lucky for us Garrett Shearer (my nephew) loves to garden and can do so along the sandy bottom of the Cheyenne River. 

Having a greenhouse and a special green thumb for both annual and perennial flowers near by is very handy.  My mother, Dorothy, is just a short jont from Rush Lake and provides us with more growing space, a green house, and many, many flowers. 

Our "pumpkin patches" are wide spread guaranteeing us pumpkins for the annual Kammerer Rush Lake Harvest Fest.

Updates as to what is ripening, opening dates, times, and special events can be found at this site.  Just click on updates at the top of the page.  You can also call DeAnna at 605-279-2306 or email at kammerersrushlake@gmail.com subject Pick-Your-Own.

We are just recently learning about CSA Community Supported Agriculture.  Here is an excellent site explaining CSA's- http://www.localharvest.org/csa/.   Beings the location we are-North of Wall, SD-this may be a realistic way for us to get our produce to those who desire it.  We are open to any ideas and suggestions.  We want to be of help to those who wish good health and eating as much as we do.  You can also find us and others like us in Western South Dakota listed at this site- http://dakotalocalfoodnetwork.com/kammerers-rush-lake-near-wall-sd.